Questions for SMEs

*SME - Subject Matter Expert

Following the ADDIE, SAM or Agile models to research and plan your course, you should end up with a concise Needs Statement, leading a more elaborate statement on how you get there, and the content (what).

The Needs Statement: "A course about ____ should exist because [the target audience] are not ___."

Elaborating the "story": "My course will address the need by teaching learners about these major themes ____."

Questions to get started

Now you will work alone (DIY) or with an ID Consultant (DWY) to tease out the content ahead of the format - Readings, Video, Quizzes, Practice questions, Reflections, Summative Assessments, Peer-Review Assignments, or Discussions.

  • How would you typically teach this topic to someone?
  • What are the main things that people need to know?
  • If you had to teach this to a x-year (5, 11, 16, ..) old, how would you do it?
  • What did you struggle to understand when you first learned about the topic?
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David Seán

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