Community platform for creators
Community platform for creators


The breakdown: Skool is a platform for creators and coaches who want to turn their passion into a profitable online business - community, courses, events.

Get started with today or DM me on LinkedIn for free(!) set-up help.

Use Cases

  • Online courses
    • Put your courses in the same place as your community. Let your students interact and collaborate in one place.
  • Subscription memberships
    • Build a community and monetize by charging a monthly/annual subscription. Like a country club!
  • Group funnels
    • Convert your audience to community to customers. Build interactive funnels that engage and convert.
  • Coaching programs
    • Give your clients a home and improve their experience. Put all resources in 1-place, centralize communication.
  • Masterminds
    • Get your group in sync by putting everything in 1-place. Community, calls, events, recordings, DM's, broadcasts.
  • Support forums
    • Get your customers to support each other and build searchable help documentation organically over time.
  • SaaS / product development
    • Get feedback from your users to know what to build. Announce new features and get feedback immediately.
  • Influencer / fan communities
    • Give your audience a place to hangout and connect. Deepen your relationship and get ideas from them.

If you're looking for a helping hand to set up your community (account and groups) in a proper and professional manner, I'm here to assist, and the best part is, it's completely free!

I understand that navigating through new platforms can sometimes be overwhelming, so I've got your back. With my expertise and experience with courses, membership and community sites, I can guide you through the process step-by-step, ensuring that your account, community and and groups are set up just the way you want them.

Reach out to me on LinkedIn. Simply drop me a direct message and we can schedule a Zoom call at your convenience. Please note that I'm available during CEST time.

Make your experience smooth and hassle-free.

Skool screenshots and mockup
Skool screenshots and mockup