Outsourced Instructional Design

Discover the Benefits of Hiring an external Instructional Design Consultant.

  1. Cost Savings: Outsourcing instructional design to a dedicated consultant is often more cost-effective than hiring an employee or using an internal team.
    1. Consultants typically charge by the project, while hiring an employee requires a salary, benefits, and other overhead costs.
  2. Access to Specialised Expertise: Instructional design consultants are typically well-versed in course creation and can provide specialised knowledge that internal teams may lack.
  3. Greater Flexibility: Consultants can also be more flexible than an internal team, as they can be hired for specific projects and periods of time, allowing for greater scalability.
  4. Faster Turnaround Time: ID consultants can often complete projects faster than an internal team, as they are solely focused on the project at hand.
  5. Increased Quality: ID consultants often have more experience and expertise than an internal team, resulting in higher-quality courses.
  6. Reduced Risk: By outsourcing instructional design to a dedicated consultant, organisations can reduce the risk of project failure due to inexperience or lack of knowledge.
  7. No Need to Train: Consultants typically come with the necessary skills and knowledge to complete projects, eliminating the need for training.
  8. Easier to Manage: Consultants can provide greater accountability and transparency, as they are typically managed by contractual agreements.
  9. Access to Latest Technologies: Instructional design consultants often have access to the latest technology and tools, allowing for more efficient and effective course creation.
  10. Access to Best Practices: Consultants also have access to the latest instructional design best practices, allowing them to create more effective courses.

Executive Summary: Instructional design consultants offer significant cost savings, access to specialised expertise, greater flexibility, faster turnaround time, increased quality, reduced risk, no need to train, easier to manage, access to latest technologies, and access to best practices.

David Seán

David Seán

David Seán, EdTech-enabled entrepreneur helping clients create, market and sell their knowledge, and sharing lessons learned along the way.