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I wanted to run a test on how fast I could create a content library and free, or paid, membership site. But first I needed a topic with nearly guaranteed traffic, if done well.

Introducing my new site: Oposiciones.wiki where I will curate and host information on public exams - open calls, application processes, preparation, materials, academies etc.

But first, some background:

  • "Oposiciones" is a Spanish term for civil service exams that are needed to get a job in the public sector in Spain.
  • There are usually 3 exams you need to pass: theoretical, oral and professional.
  • The chances of passing some of the exams are typically low, with around 15-20% of applicants being successful.
  • However, if you pass the exams, you have a good chance of getting a job in the public sector.
  • It can take some candidates an average of 3-4 years of preparation to pass the exams and get a job in the public sector - depending on the Ministry and category they are aiming for.

What is the tech stack?

The short version, and main steps:

  1. Domainr to see if the domain name oposicions.wiki is available.
  2. Namecheap to buy oposiciones.wiki, for less than $4.
  3. Edited the name servers to point to CloudFlare
  4. Article: How to Change DNS For a Domain (Namecheap)
  5. Set up a new workspace in Notion.so
  6. Started creating the Oposiciones.wiki project in Notion.
  7. Used Fruition, "a Free, Open Source Toolkit for Building Websites with Notion" to generate the script to build and customize your website using Notion pages.
  8. Followed the instructions to generate and paste the script into my Cloudflare workers - applied the Cloudflare HTTPS, Auto Minify, Brotli and security settings I deemed important.
  9. Added my own Custom CSS (to style the HTML) and some from FruitionPlus
  10. Set up my account and added the MemberSpace membership plans and embedded the javascript via Cloudflare.
  11. Continued updating the website using Notion.so as my CMS.

This website will mostly be made up of curated information in Notion databases and pages, but you could use this set up for Online Courses embedding any media you can think of - PDF, video, maps, ..

You can embed virtually any online content within Notion pages — from video and audio players to Figma and Invision mockups, to entire Google documents and spreadsheets. This includes streaming multimedia, PDFs, forms, and interactive maps. Notion, import, embed, integrate

This was just a summary. If you want my help, I can walk you through the steps to take your own knowledge, experience to set up paid access to a content library for your students, learners and audience. David S. LinkedIn