Membership website software for any platform
Membership website software for any platform MemberSpace Affiliates


It takes minutes to launch a membership website and accept monthly payments.

Simply lock access to any webpage and choose what people pay to get in. Create memberships like online courses, video tutorials, member directories and more with Memberspace.

All you need is your own site or platform, Memberspace and Stripe. We can set it up with you!

You can add membership functionality to any of these sites and platforms:

  • WordPress, Squarespace, Notion, Duda, Showit, HubSpot, Webflow, Wix, Carrd, Weebly, Custom HTML (like this site!).

We can help you brainstorm some unique use cases for your own membership website.

  • Content Library
    • Social media post templates
    • Stock images
    • Business growth workbooks
    • Printable resources for teachers or parents
    • Meal planning workbooks and recipe ideas
    • Templates for graphic/web designers
    • Procreate brushes and palettes
    • Arts and crafts tutorials
    • Recordings of group coaching calls or mastermind sessions
    • Cheat sheets and checklists
  • Online Course
    • Keep every lesson on your existing website and domain
    • Offer other memberships and products
    • Structure your lessons in any way you’d like, using all kinds of media
    • PDFs, video, audio, and images.
  • Paid Newsletter
    • Expanded print or audio content
    • Early or discounted access to videos and courses
    • Special members-only website access
    • Exclusive downloads (like eBooks and guides)
    • One-on-one coaching
    • “Office hours” and “ask me anything” sessions
  • Digital Downloads
    • PDF
    • Audio
  • Community
    • Creative professionals to network and share leads
    • Startup founders or aspiring entrepreneurs
    • Parents in need of communication and support
    • Educators interested in sharing resources and tips
    • Fans of a particular sport, music group, artist, author
    • Anyone or anything that attracts interest
  • Paid Zoom Calls
  • Digital Magazine
  • Paid Podcast
  • eBook
    • Create a photo-laden how-to guide for handicrafts or digital art projects.
    • Pull favorite recipes off of your food blog and put them into a book form.
    • Repackage your blog posts into a downloadable resource.
    • Tell your entrepreneurial story.
    • Create a collection of your artwork and share the stories behind each piece.
    • Teach step-by-step lessons on the very thing you specialize in, be it painting, cooking, social media, juggling, curling, etc.