The Learning Environment - 4 Lenses

Exploring the learning context through four lenses: Learners, Facilitators, Discipline and Technologies. (Adapted from Patel et al., 1998).

  • Learners
    • This lens focuses on how learners interact with the educational environment.
      • It looks at factors such as learning styles, interests and preferences, ability level, and cultural background.
  • Facilitators
    • This lens considers the role of instructors, facilitators and other educators in creating an effective learning environment.
      • It looks at their instructional strategies, teaching methods, and communication skills.
  • Discipline
    • This lens examines the content area being taught, such as mathematics, science, or history.
      • It looks at how students can best acquire and apply knowledge in the subject area.
  • Technologies
    • This lens looks at how digital technologies can be used to support learning.
      • It includes the use of computers, software, and other technologies to enhance instruction and learning.

These are just some of the sample questions we would personalise and use with our own clients.

Lens 1: Learners

  1. What are the learners' levels of digital literacy?
  2. Would a synchronous or asynchronous approach be better received by them?
  3. Will their time zones have any bearing on the scheduling of your course?
  4. Does the material need to be made accessible for those with disabilities?
  5. Do the learners favour an online, offline or blended approach?

Lens 2: Facilitators

  1. What is the degree of digital literacy among the facilitators?
  2. What instructional methods, approaches, techniques do they favour?

Lens 3:  Discipline

  1. Are there any specialised techniques, materials, approaches, or structures for this field?
  2. What ways can students apply the knowledge they have just acquired?

Lens 4: Technologies

  1. What access to devices do your stakeholders possess?
  2. How is the internet accessed by them?
    1. What bandwidth restrictions are there?
  3. What technical and support abilities does your organisation have?


David Seán

David Seán

David Seán, EdTech-enabled entrepreneur helping clients create, market and sell their knowledge, and sharing lessons learned along the way.