Instructional Design Principles for Course Creation
Instructional Design Principles for Course Creation Eduflow Academy

Certificate - Design Principles for Course Creation

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The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred a remarkable enthusiasm for online learning, and the industry is booming. When aspiring learners sign up, however, their experiences are mixed. Some online courses are genuinely enriching for their participants, while others are confusing and unfocused. So, what sets them apart — what makes an online course great?

Sign up to learn how you can apply instructional design best practices specifically for online course creation. During this 3-week bootcamp, you will engage fellow learners and influential facilitators to learn principles and best practices that you can apply throughout the ADDIE process.

This cohort-based course is run by Eduflow Academy but will be taught jointly by various experts within the instructional design community.

Eduflow Academy's instructional design and facilitation team's mission is to change the way people think about online learning. We strive to create experiences that promote more engaging, intimate, and social ways of learning. Join one of our courses to experience our philosophy firsthand!